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  • Cat Costelloe

    Styling | Costume | Fashion

    Behind Her Eyes – Netflix

    Left Bank Pictures
    Director – Erik Ritcher Strand
    Costume Designer – Matt Price
    Costume Assistant

    The Sister – ITV

    Euston Films
    Director – Niall McCormack
    Costume Designer – Aideen Morgan
    Costume Assistant

    Avenue 5 – HBO

    Jettison Productions
    Director – Natalie Bailey
    Costume Designer – Suzie Harman
    Costume Standby

    Ted Lasso – Apple TV

    Shoe Bucket Ltd
    Director – Tom Marshall
    Costume Designer – Jacky Levy
    Costume Standby

    Gangs Of London – Sky TV

    Pulse Films
    Director – Corin Hardy
    Costume Designer – Jane Spicer
    Costume Standby

    Head Full of Honey

    Good Films
    Director – Til Schweiger
    Costume Designer – Metin Misdik
    Costume Assistant

    X Factor Live 2017

    ITV Productions
    Costume Designer – Karl Willlett
    Styling Assistant

    Days Of The Bagnold Summer

    Bagnold Films
    Director – Simon Bird
    Costume Designer – Alison McLaughlin
    Costume Standby